Why Are Urban Hospitals Closing Everywhere, but Bayonne Medical Center Is Still Open?

This article originally appeared at the Weekly Standard. Click here to read the full article.

By Ike Brannon

In 2005, the King-Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, which served primarily low-income African American and Latino patients, closed its trauma unit. In 2001, D.C. General Hospital, the only public medical facility in the nation’s capital, closed its doors after nearly 200 years. At least 26 urban hospitals have closed in New Jersey alone since 1992.

For a while, it seemed that the Bayonne Medical Center (or BMC for short), located in a working class community across the Hudson River from the Statue of Liberty, would be the 27th to shut down. In 2007, the hospital filed for bankruptcy, but what happened next set BMC apart from the hospitals that failed, and simultaneously made it a target for attacks from insurance companies and disgruntled unions.