Economic Sanctions On Russia Would Be Worse Than Futile

By Ike Brannon President Obama is naturally distressed about Russia’s reprehensible behavior in Ukraine, and would like to punish Russia and nudge President Vladimir Putin to de-escalate the situation. Most of Congress shares his distress. But there is little the United States — despite its economic hegemony — can do by itself that would meaningfully […]

How a Fight with Rick Santorum made an IRS Commissioner

This article originally appeared in Salon. Click here to read the full story. By Ike Brannon While President Obama fired IRS commissioner Steven Miller this week for failing to stop the enhanced scrutiny the IRS gave 501c4 applications with conservative missions, most of the activity happened under a man who was never supposed to get[…..]

Why You Just May Come to Like a Carbon Tax

This article originally appeared in Real Clear Markets. Click here to read the full article. By Ike Brannon Tax reform may involve simplifying the tax code, but actually achieving such a thing promises to be a terrifyingly complicated process. The battle over how (and by how much) to reduce the various tax deductions, credits and[…..]

Is America’s Workforce Disabled or Just Discouraged?

This article originally appeared in RedState. Click here to read the full article. By Logan Albright Over the past forty years, the number of Americans receiving disability benefits from the federal government has increased more than six-fold. This is an alarming statistic any way one looks at it, but the implications of it are far[…..]